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  1. If your ultimate goal is to learn Java, then honestly, just learn Java. There's a ton of tutorials for it.

    Learning skript first will honestly just give you bad habits, since it's essentially just a lazy way to code java with pseudo code.
  2. Never too late to start here and / or here
  3. skript would give you a wrong concept of whats coding, do not start from there.
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  4. You could start with C++ since it is very similar to Java or even C#. C++ will teach you everything you will need. Once you have mastered Classes in C++ you should be able to move very smoothly onto Java and especially the SpigotAPI becuase it is very intuitive.
    Here you can find some tutorials for C++:

    And if you ever have something you don't understand, join my discord server, which has an average response time of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Here's a link: https://discord.gg/WDJUB8
  5. Listen to whats above
    just learn java straight its easier
  6. Try to start with the Java basics.
  7. Strahan


    No, because making a Skript is nothing like making a Java plugin.
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    Code (Text):

    command /clearchat:
       permission: Elsa.CC
       permission message: "&lNot have permissions."
       aliases: cc
           loop 100 times:
               broadcast ""
           broadcast "{@prefix} &7Chat has been cleared by %player%."
    obviously for the below example there's better ways of doing commands, however this is just how i do them *shrug*
    Edit: obviously you need an IDE, plugin.yml, a class that extends JavaPlugin, then you need to register the command..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..It's a lot more work than a script
    Code (Text):

    package opticscore.commands;

    import org.bukkit.command.Command;
    import org.bukkit.command.CommandSender;
    import org.bukkit.Bukkit;

    public class CmdClearChat extends Command{

        public CmdClearChat(){
            setDescription("Clears the chat");
            setPermissionMessage("You don't have permission to clear chat");
        public boolean execute(CommandSender cs, String string, String[] strings) {
            for(int counter =0;counter < 100; counter++){
            Bukkit.broadcastMessage(cs.getName() + " has cleared the chat");
            return true;
  9. I disagree with most here. Truth is Skript will provide some experience as to how programming works in general. The answer to your question is YES!! Someone who has made Skripts will likely learn java easier than someone with no experience, because they have been exposed(rudimentarily) to the logic behind making things happen in a computer.

    That's not to say that learning Skript is a good introduction to Java.... its not. Its a really simple tool with a very limited scope. Its good for people who lack the skills in Java and just want to make something. If your ultimate goal is to write Spigot plugins with Java, you are wasting your time with Script. Your time is far better spent learning Java since it has applications in the real world. Coding plugins with Java is fun and it practices a valuable life skill. In contrast beyond making a spigot plugin Skript is useless.

    So learn Java if you have any interest in programming;) While skript isn't a COMPLETE waste of time... its very close.
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  10. Skript wont give you any experience in how programming works what are you on about
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  11. Of course it does! Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting Skript is a good introduction to programming. But I also don't get why you are completely dismissing it. Skript provides exposure to variables, loops, conditionals, events, ect. You can't deny these are fundamental programming concepts.
  12. Optic_Fusion1

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    Code (Text):

    loop 100 times:
               broadcast ""
           broadcast "{@prefix} &7Chat has been cleared by %player%.""
    Code (Text):

    for(int counter =0;counter < 100; counter++){
            Bukkit.broadcastMessage(cs.getName() + " has cleared the chat");"
    only issue is skript works completely different to normal programming languages and instead has it's own over-simplified syntax so very little knowledge can be brought over, unlike java knowledge to C# for example
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  14. Those are fundamental concepts, but are not when you learn them from skript, its not even a coding languaje and should be treated like so.
    When you learn from skript you're given the fake feeling of believing that you're actually doing something, when you're not.
    Skript had a good aim but its turned into a languaje learned by kids that grow their ego way too easily, when it should be the opposite, whoever attempts to code legit plugins in skript should be ashamed.
    Google translator is also able to translate words but once you give it a sentence, it starts messing up, doesnt it? Compare it with skript, you might learn a few words but it should never be used for learning seriously nor for start what could be your favorite hobby.