I have this problem.

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by YourDad50, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Alright, so I sent Puremin0rez my /timings paste and he said:

    My plugins are:

    WorldBorder, BukkitCompat(ForMCMYADMIN), CleanChat, Buycraft, Vault, Wither, FastSoup, HeadHunter, ToggleChat, EnderpearlCooldown, WhatIsIt, Votifier, MobArena, mcMMO, GAListener, TimTheEnchanter, HideStream, ItemRenamer, DonateRedeems, WorldEdit, HealthDisplay, PluginsBaker, ColouredMotd, PermissionsEX, combattag, antiinvinsibilitypotions, NoEnderpearl, WorldGuard, PvPTimer, iGates, boosCooldowns, RedeemMCMMO, BugFixes, Lottery, BookRules, VoteCommand, Autoannouncer, Essentials, floAuction, Enjin MC Plugin, silkspawners, CompatNoCheatPlus, EssentialsChat, ChatManager, EssentialsProtect, NoCheatPlus, EssentialsSpawn, VanishNoPacket, EssentialsAntiBuild, Factions, ObsidianDestroyer, FactionsPlus, BattleArena.