I keep getting timed out.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by pleaseddd, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Maybe don't use leaked / cracked plugins :)
  2. What plugins are cracked??
  3. Given the amount of errors in your log, did you actually expect the server to work fine?
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  4. It was working fine a few hours ago, all the sudden just wouldn't properly start. It says server started fine, but upon connecting it doesn't let you connect and it times you out.
  5. IMG_0685.PNG

    Edit: @Ruan
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  6. Wait, I was helping this person in another thread and he has syntax problems in messages and I see this, apparently he uses plugins crackeds. :s
  7. Fixed. I deleted the cracked plugin. Anyone know where to purchase litebans?
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  8. it must be bug ...
    Show me more details of the error log

    paste in hastebin.com
  9. tried to update your current plugins? reset and re-do the configs?
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  10. Why would we wanna help someone who is using cracked LiteBans?
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  11. I deleted, someone already said that. Stop post farming. Read before you post.
  12. Postfarming? I just told you my thoughts about the situation. And why would i wanna post farm? I've already got enough posts to post a premium plugin etc...