I made a Reddit bot

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  1. I spent several days developing a Reddit bot and it was banned in one day. Maybe I should’ve made it pause for longer between replies. :cry:

    Can I get an F in the chat for my deceased bot, murdered in cold blood by the evil Reddit overlords? :coffee:
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  2. What was its purpose?
  3. It passed butter.

    No, what it did was essentially try to act like a human. It’d collect comments from elsewhere on Reddit, find comments with similar topics, and reply using the text of those comments. Essentially, it’d try to have conversations while pretending to be a person.

    If someone called it out for being a bot, it’d reply and say it wasn’t a bot. It also would only reply once per post and wouldn’t reply to the same comments more than once.

    It also further attempted to appear human by making references to people’s usernames. For instance, if someone had “69” in their username, it’d make a quip about that. It’d also add on references to pop culture when in a relevant subreddit. For instance, if it posted a comment on r/BlackMirror, it’d add on a Black Mirror reference somewhere in the comment.

    However, it had a bug that made it reply nonsensical things every once in a while (i.e., occasionally, it would comment something that had nothing to do with the comment it replied to, which wasn’t supposed to happen), and I also forgot to implement a feature that’d prevent it from commenting the same thing more than once. I couldn’t do anything about it because I was heading to a doctor’s appointment while running the bot at home. When I came back, it was banned. Bad idea! Whoopsie.

    It was definitely my fault that it was banned as there were several things that I could’ve, and should’ve, done to prevent it from getting banned and also make it more human-like and less spammy. Like I said, I forgot to prevent it from commenting the same thing more than once, so it’d frequently post the same comment. And like I mentioned in my original post, I also made it comment way too often. It should’ve probably made it comment once every 10 or 15 minutes (or maybe even once every 20 minutes), but it commented about once every 1 or 2 minutes instead, which is definitely too much (and makes it stand out as being a bot while also make it quite spammy).

    I’ve learned from my mistakes and will definitely use this as a learning experience going forwards. :coffee:
  4. Onward to Twitter!
  5. I actually did make a Twitter bot back in 2017, but it was awful. It only had one function and was really annoying and spammy, so I shut it down not long after starting it. I’m sure I could make something better and actually interesting on Twitter. Although to me, Twitter bots aren’t nearly as interesting or fun as Reddit bots. :coffee: