I need a command Gui plugin some know some?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Partydragen, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Hey i need a gui with commands i have added to the list

    some know a good plugin for that? i can't find some :/

    and custum command

    I have a free servers on my server mc.remnantrealm.net and use "/ps create" to create a server :)

    But i want a plugin installer that install the plugins and i want to use installer plugin and i have one already.
    but i want commands to run on this installer plugin with a gui

    How to work
    /control to open gui
    And in thia gui its many blocks with different plugins to install
    if i click on worldedit
    it sending the command to to the installer plugin
  2. No idea what you're trying to say but perhaps you're looking for ChestCommands?
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  3. Vouch, chestcommands is a great plugin if you don't know how to code your own gui's.
  4. ChestCommands, and CreateYourOwnMenu

    If you decided to spend some cash try UltimateMenu, I own it but personally don't like the plugin, maybe you will.