I need a Factions Developer For free

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by GhostCreep21, May 24, 2017.

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  1. hey i know i want a factions dev for free but i have no money if you ever get any donations i can give you half of it if you have discord add me on there so we can talk

    i have already kinda made it i made ranks all donator ranks and staff ranks i just need donator plugins and permissions for the donator and help with stuff in game mostly if you can please contact me on discord

    Discord: GhostHdRP#1091
    We can talk i will ask you some questions if i think your ok then you are a dev on my server
    Discord: GhostHdRP#1091
    Discord: GhostHdRP#1091
    Discord: GhostHdRP#1091
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  2. First of all, wrong section. https://www.spigotmc.org/forums/hiring-developers.55/
    Secondly, good luck finding someone working for your server for free
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  3. Maybe there is a reason for that
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  4. BananaPuncher714


    If you want a free plugin, you'd have better luck posting on Bukkit's request plugin page.
  5. Its because i dont have enough posts
  6. Firstly if you're not allowed to do something, don't do it.. If you don't have enough posts, wait until you have enough to post on the hiring section.

    Secondly you have a very very low chance of finding someone to code for free, unless the plugins you're looking for are small and easy to make. Save up some cash and hire a developer then.
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  7. BananaPuncher714


    Or, you could try learning how to code.:) Doing it yourself is a great way to get stuff done because it's you who's doing it so it's going to be exactly what you want.
  8. I could do it for you.

    Is it illegal to respond to a free request like this and then use my power to set all the configs in such a way that his server will never stop crashing thus benefiting us greatly?
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  9. Strahan


    Sarcasm isn't your forte, eh? I wouldn't hold your breath. You are far better off just learning how to do stuff yourself.

    PS: Don't use an apostrophe to pluralize.
    PSS: For the love of God, don't put your home address out there on the internet if that's what that is.
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  10. Someone send his parents a latter for the love of God.
  11. [​IMG]
    it is his address, indeed.

    I might do some small stuff, but most likely I won't provide any support whatsoever nor will I extensively test, just check if it loads and works generally.
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