I need a good dedicated server.

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  1. Hi, i need help. Actually i pay a dedicated server with the company Limestonenetworks, 32 gb ram , E3-1270, Samsung SSD because I from Argentina (SouthAmerica) and the server is hosted in dallas , the best location for me. The problem is that when i join in my server i have 400-500 ping with 1 person (I post this problem in the forum http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/high-ping.5209/), All of my users has the same ping.

    Then I need recommendations for dedicated servers, my budget is 100-150 $ to support 175 players .

    Thank you, and sorry for my bad english.
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    You've posted 3 topics related to this now, the only thing that can drive your ping down is to get the server closer to yourself and your players. Getting a better connection will only help normally if you are peaking your max.
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  3. about for the 3 topics, this is another issue, now i looking for a new dedicated server, the other topic is that I need help on my dedicated server. Regarding about buying a new dedicated server, I have seen servers in other locations in the USA and I work well.
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    http://securedservers.com is awesome. Network hasn't gone down once and the support is very good. Very good prices, too.
  5. you know any server that use this hosting?
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    i have use limestone and they had the best network I have ever had from any host. so unless they changed something since I have left them maybe its on your end
  7. I use ovh and I'm pretty happy with them.
    Their prices are really cheap and they have an ok support. Check them out.
    Saludos desde España ;)
  8. Hola, gracias por responder, mirá soy de Argentina y los server de OVH en américa están en Canadá por lo que da mucho ping, me imagino que a vos te anda muy bien con los servidores europeos. Igualmente pude solucionar bastante este problema, he contratado securedserver y va de maravilla, Saludos!.
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