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  1. Hey, I run a server with over 130 plugins and about 8 worlds.
    We have at least 20 players on at all times and 40-50 peak times.

    I'm currently paying 16 dollars a month for this and I have 5gb of ram, my host recently limited my cpu usage which caused my server to lag horribly although before there were no issues, they said that I had an excessive amount of cpu usage. My new budget for a host is 30$ a month, I don't really know who to choose and I've been looking at hosts like shockbyte and scaleway, I'm worried that I'll have the same issues with shockbyte with cpu usage and if I choose scaleway I'm only going to get 200 GB of Storage, which would eventually be an issue since I have a lot of player data and other data that would accumulate overtime.

    Does anyone know any good, reliable hosts which have good uptime, unlimited storage, and won't scream at me for too much cpu usage?
  2. My top three recommendations would be either

    DeluxeNode, Clovux or SkyNode.

    I will explain my reasons for each one.

    DeluxeNode is relatively new, but have amazing performing servers.
    If you want raw performance in general go with DeluxeNode. Its
    insane how fast the servers are for $1.17/gb. But the only downside
    is their new and you run the risk that maybe they might shut down soon
    because they are a new host.

    SkyNode has been around for a couple of years now, i have used them in
    the past. They have pretty good servers, not as good as DeluxeNodes but
    not bad for $2/gb. and going with SkyNode means you dont have to run the
    risk of them shutting down because they have been around for a while.

    Clovux has amazing support, they reply really fast to tickets and live chat. So
    if you often need help with plugin setups e.t.c go with Clovux. They also have
    decent servers, not the best for $2/gb but the main thing your paying for is that
    awesome support. You also do not have to worry at all about them closing down as
    they have been around since 2014.

    Hope this helps,

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  3. 130 plugins? 8 worlds? Well no wonder why hosts aren't being fond of you.

    I personally had good experience with AnvilNode (@bebosny) and VAHosting. Good performance, good support.

    Good luck.
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  4. If you have the skills to set it up, then go for the Kimsufi KS-4C. You'll get your own dedicated machine with very decent specs for the price.

  5. electronicboy

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    Pretty sure that the KS-4 has the exact same CPU that's in my laptop across the room that kinda stinks for running a server from... if you're hitting enough CPU usage on a shared host to cause issues for other clients, that CPU will probably bottleneck to all heck...

    if "only 200GB of storage" is an issue, how much space are you actually using? Shared hosts do NOT like people using a ton of disk space, even when they offer "unlimited" there is a limit to how much they can actually store on their nodes...
  6. Sent you a message :)
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  7. I strongly recommend DeluxeNode, they are a very well established hosting company! :)
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  8. I'm using pebblehost and I have none of any of the things he wrote in the thread. They have the most amazing support like I made a ticket on their discord about my server and they replied literally instantly like 1 minute after. I can not confirm what he said about the price increasing cause I have never experienced it. The thing about the 1,5 GB storage is that I have seen many people having over the storage limit he says. I'm not trying to say that his information is wrong as I can not be sure what happened and I don't know what's happening at pebblehost I'm just saying that I have not experienced anything like what he said :)

    Plus I must say I think he just had a bad experience and did not talk to the support team and instead rushed out to make a thread about it I must say there's plenty of good reviews like this one: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/full-review-on-pebblehost-pebblehost-com.260852/
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  9. Maybe take a look at extraVM as well
  10. https://elixirnode.com
    Would recommend, they provide transfer services as well just submit a ticket before even making an account. Purchased their new dedi to test and moved over my network after seeing the 1-hour ticket response time and the speed and strength of the hardware.

    Would recommend them,
  11. On https://fallout-hosting.com/ its very cheap $1 a GB but the catch is the support can be very fast most of the time other times you could be waiting up to 2 days for a response. If you are looking for the cheaper route definitely go with fallout. Otherwise my second recommendation is Aquatis its a little more expensive but the support is definitely a lot better and is pretty well known for the most part.

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