I need a plugin like essentials. But not essentials.

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  1. Hello, I am remaking my current prison server and I chose not to use essentials. For 3 reasons:
    1. Essentials has a lot of stuff that i wont be using in a prison server.
    2. My dev. told me that the plugin is poorly coded and he hates using their API.
    3. Causes a lot of lag.
    I looked in to commandbook but I'm not sure if there is anything else. CommandBook a warp system.

    Can you guys link me to some plugins that are up to date and somewhat like essentials?

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  2. Why not ask your developer to code one?
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  3. Command book, but you will need to replace the teleportation, homes and possibly warps. For homes I recommend my plugin BasicHomes (Link in signature) and I remember using a very good teleport plugin, I'll try and track it down
  4. We need a temp. Plugin he is currently working on plugins for my PvP server.
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    If your dev says that essentials is poorly coded, he's probably poorly coding things.
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  6. He told me its messy. He is a really good Dev. so i believe him.
  7. The API for essentials is meh, but the coding is fine and isn't, at all messy.
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  8. Essentials really doesn't cause any lag at all. Could you link your timings with Essentials being the culprit? I can't remember a time I've had an issue with Essentials bringing my tps down.
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  9. Can't you just ask your dev to remove some things from essentials, when he forks it? Surely you don't need all of essentials hence the point here, but just ask him to remove some methods? Its a really good plugin, but if you really think if thats the culprit whats the specs on your server... and how many plugins do you have?
  10. Im using commandbook. I never really so it happen but i heard that essentials is really laggy.
  11. I'm using commandbook. Essentials code is messy. I have about 8-10 plugins.
  12. May I ask why you're keep continuing on calling Essentials' code a mess? Are you a developer yourself?
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    Have your developer give us an example of the code in Essentials being 'messy'
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  15. You can disable features in essentials.
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    Seriously, essentials code is "messy" ?Wew, let your developer give us an example and explain why its messy. Maybe your developer is the problem itselfs, maybe he's "too poorly" to understand it.