I need a plugin that gives titles/ranks

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Galxy__, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Basically if anyone can link a plugin that give players ranks
    Example: {OWNER} Player3424. And it shows that in chat and in the player list
  2. Luckperms? You can set up groups and permissions and then if you want it to show in chat you can use a chat management plugin or like essentialschat. Maybe luckperms has chat support too, you should check into it first.
  3. can you link those plugins please?
  4. Luckperms, essentials?
  5. chat control is no longer updated
  6. Use permissionsEX, that's what I use, and you will need to set the ranks up for them to display how you want in chat
  7. PermissionsEx is outdated. No longer available. You should use LuckPerms.
  8. No longer avaliable? Im using it on my server, what do you mean by this, yes it may be outdated and have issues still though
  9. yeah no, youve never tried luckperms and it shows. stop trying to boost your message count btw