i need a plugin that simply changes the max stack limit

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  1. i am making a server on factions and was thinking about increasing the stack limit so it would be a lot easier to keep things and isk how to change the stack limit and the only 1 out there is hard to configure.
    ex. postionsstack: 100
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  2. Is this a request? Or are you asking for help making this plugin?
  3. this is a request if there is a place for this idk where
  4. I think, the only way to do this is via the NMS. Get all items on server load, and change max stack size via NMS.
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  5. idk how to do that
  6. Op doesn't appear to be a coder and instead is requesting a plugin :b
    I'd be willing to look into this and try making it myself. If it goes well, I'll send you the plugin.
  7. yee im going to need help with that :/ i thiink a plugin would be simpler and better for people
  8. wait so you could help me
  9. I can give it a try when I have access to a computer, yes.
  10. ok do you have anyway of contact like discord (prefered)
  11. Rabbitual#0516