I need a plugin to bind commands to items

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  1. Hello, Thank You for viewing my thread! Please also note that this is my first thread.

    I was messing around with some plugins, and I wanted to know if there was a plugin to bind commands to items. (Make the item execute a command(s) when right/left clicked) If you do know of a plugin like this (For 1.11) please link me to it! :D
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  3. latiku


    Essentials powertool command
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  4. essentials have this maplesauce told u this
  5. I don't even have essentials.. but.. I guess i'll need to get it..
  6. @CrayonCraft Do you need it right now? If you want I can code a custom plugin and upload it to spigot.
  7. No, I don't need it right now. :p