I need a plugin to limit the amout of items in player's inventory

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by SuperPou1, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. So I am running a guilds server, and i really want to limit the amount of enchanted golden apples to 1, golden apples to 10 and ender pearls to 8 in the players inventory, or at least during combat, because with more that 1 enchanted golden apple you are basically immortal. I wanted to use the plugin Item Restrict, but my server is on version 1.16.5 which is not supported by my server and this plugin only allows you to make the player not have an item in the inventory at all. So, is there a plugin i need but i don't know about? :unsure:
  2. Most servers with a similar game-type just use a golden apple cooldown plugin. This allows people to use more golden apples if they survive and they're on a cooldown no matter what, so they can't just simply chug whenever and if they run out use a player vault or ender chest (if they have the power) to resupply and chug more.

    A cooldown would most likely be much better to fix your issue, and you can find numerous with a quick google search most likely.