I need a small plugin made

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by BTTP, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hello there is a plugin out there that hooks into essentials kits and lets you get a preview of the kit before viewing. But! it dosnt work for me at all. I get all errors with it and there is no dependencies for it. Is there anyway someone can make it for me or fix the one that is out already. The dev wont fix it for me.
  2. KitsPreview by someone with like 1364826192639262 at the end of his name?
    If yes I know this plugin never tried for 1.8, I may be able to get someone to fix it and possible sell it.
    @BetaNyan fix this plugin ;)

    Also, is it open source? If not we would have to contact the author for permission?
    Is it on github?
  3. I sure hope you are joking about selling that.
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  4. Well is it open source, can you grab the code, if not then it would likely be paid.
  5. I still hope you are joking about selling:
    • A config parser (which likely is just a call to an Essentials method)
    • a call to openInventory()
    • a Listener which blocks modifications
  6. I really need this to work on my server.
  7. Works fine on a local test server, mind sharing what errors you are getting?
  8. Yea 1 sec let me install it and ill get down to it all for u