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  1. I'm working on starting a server network with a few friends, but we have no idea what the best way to get good hosting is. We plan on running:
    - 1 1GB Bungeecord
    - 1 3GB Hub
    - 2 8GB Hardcore Faction Servers
    - 1 8GB Kitmap Server
    - 1 1GB MySQL Database
    - 1 Teamspeak server (I don't know how much ram I'll need for this)
    So likely, about 32GBs of ram are needed.

    Currently, we have a separate droplet on DigitalOcean for a bungee, hub, and hcf server, but from what I've read, I could get a better deal on a Dedicated Machine from OVH. If I was to switch to OVH (or a different dedicated machine), with the servers I desire, what would give me the best performance for a few hundred players with a budget of about $80 - $100 a month? We are willing to start with just 1 HCF server if finding good performance for our small budget is impossible, and is it a good idea to put all my servers on one machine? Or should I stick with a VPS from DigitalOcean.
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  2. https://cubiknode.com/ does custom orders like that, they helped me setup a 7 server network (3 2gb, 2 1gb, 1 4gb, 1 512mb) and they have free webhosting with some of their plans. This is their discord
    - 1 1GB Bungeecord , you prob only need 512mb
    - 1 3GB Hub - ye
    - 2 8GB Hardcore Faction Servers - ye , depending on players
    - 1 8GB Kitmap Server - ye
    - 1 1GB MySQL Database - the webhosting comes with free sql bases
    Team speak? I Know nothing about it, i recommend discord.
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  3. What is your budget? And what part of the world are you from?
  4. About $80 - $100 a month, looking for a US East server.
  5. SoYouStart has great servers for your budget. I’d recommend trying them out, also if you’d need a hand setting up the server itself, give me a message.
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  6. Go to http://fallout-hosting.com/minecraft-hosting for cheap reliable server hosting, They charge $1 per gb and They can also host dedicated servers, also their Domains are cheap, and easy to setup, If you need any help doing anything on this hosting, I suggest you contact me on discord XGN Tacoz#6798, or message me in a private conversation on here.
  7. I'd recommend that you purchase from SoYouStart or reliable site
  8. SoYouStart is really good but I do not think one machine will support all of the servers. Since SYS is limited in RAM and internet speed.
  9. You own it, stop acting like you're a client. It's extremely scummy. Also, it's just resold OVH, nothing special.

    Edit: Brought the issue up in his Discord and got banned, ironically here's an apology from him 4 months ago from posting false reviews:
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