I need an initial playerbase (10 players)

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  1. I made a skywars server in 2013 and get loads of players by spamming on other servers.
    I had about 50 players daily for at least 6 months, and 250 players at some point. This playerbase has faded away.

    I recently reopened my server (skywars.fun) but I don't feel good spamming on other servers again - it's shitty business. Players who join pretty often stay because I know how to make them stay, but there are not many players joining in the first place.

    My server needs 5 players online to be properly enjoyable. I have posted my server on listing websites, only PMC gets me players, and just a few per day. I have bought a sponsored place on https://mc-servers.com for 15$. This was a severe mistake, the website gets traffic, but the servers on it dont. (fake web statistics with bots?) I got literally 0 players from it and it has been up for 24 hours.

    Where can I actually get players? Just a few that are willing to stick. My budget is up to 50 euro if the method is proven successful. If I get a daily peak of 15 players, the server will start advertising itself.

    Thanks in advance.


    if you are willing to read a bit about the server:

    it opened in 2013, with the ip skywars.in
    I spammed many servers and with many accounts and friends (sorry) and that was the most effective method.
    People joined and we made them stick by playing the skywars with them. It took only days for the server to blow up from word of mouth. In a month or so we got a stable playerbase. Exactly what I had always wanted. I had no pay to win donation options (I am not in it for the money) and people loved it.

    In the end we had accumulated 30 000 unique players (with 2000 manual bans and with 3000 autobans lol)
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    Well, in terms of advertising, the game has changed since 2013. Now, it's basically pay or don't get players. Don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of free resources out there that are beneficial in getting players to join, however, they aren't that good with retention (regardless of server quality). 50 Euros is also not a lot to obtain a substantial playerbase. However, I'll still outline some tips (some may be obvious, but, hey, they work).

    Voting Sites: One of the most notable ways of getting players is by appearing on voting sites. However, what a lot of people seem to do is just spam their server on as many sites as they can, this isn't at all effective. There are only a handful that work. Personally, I wouldn't recommend adding your server to more than 4 sites. I'd recommend the following sites, in order of preference: .org, mcsl, mc-mp, pmc. Some of these sites let you add your server multiple times, and this increases efficiency. Once you get to the point, and can raise your budget a fair bit, I'd recommend bidding for a sponsored slot (or, find someone whos renting one, and approach them). When using voting sites, ensure your server has a nice, eye catching banner that displays the important stuff (server name, ip address, list of top features, etc).

    Forum Sites: Many websites have a section that lets you place a thread type advertisement for your server, these are a nice, quick way of building a small playerbase. Again, a lot of them don't work, and, in order to truly benefit from this, you'll want to be constantly bumping these threads, which is a lot of work, so, again, I'd only really do this on 2-3 websites. The ones I'd use are PMC (which also has a live chat feature where you can post about your server and get more players that way), and MCF (this has shown to increase players joining at a nice rate). You can also have them comment their IGNs on the threads and you can reward them; it makes it look nicer than a constant spam of "bumps". You can also add your server to the Rate My Server section of this website, where you can get constructive criticism from the community (this won't increase players, but, it's nice to know how and where we can improve).

    Social Media Campaigns: I'd imagine your server already has a Twitter account setup for it, so, you are already in place to setup a paid campaign to promote your server! However, Twitter isn't exactly the best for this, it works, but, it's not the best. What is the best, is Facebook. Create a page for your server, and get your friends to like/interact with it. Once you've built up at least 15 likes, you're ready to go! Post a lot of engaging and informational posts beforehand, and make your recent posts as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You'll also be increasing the likes of your page, as well as your player count, so, it's win-win! Lastly, a bit unrelated to this topic, but, you can also take a look at Project Wonderful.

    YouTube Videos: I gave this its own section because it's so diverse, you can have YouTubers upload trailers of your server to hype up the launch, have them upload let's plays, or even trolling videos, the possibilities are endless. Personally, I find trailers to not be as efficient as everyone says they are. I'm not going to go into much detail here, because I have already written a comprehensive guide on essentially everything you need to know here. Also, you can get Live Streamers, but, generally, they aren't as effective because a lot of the players leave when the streamer leaves.

    Other Styles: There are 2 other methods I'd like to share. One is the mcservers subreddit. This isn't going to be a banger, however, you can always promote it and gain those upvotes, because, well, one more player never hurt! And, the other is by going to a bunch of guys who own large, advertising Discords and paying them to promote your server. I've never used this method, so, I can't speak for it's worth. But, again, it can't do any damage.

    • Remember, before you even think about advertising, make sure your server is 100% ready! Go over everything multiple times, no matter how small! Those are the things that count!
    • These are methods to bring in players, it's up to you to keep them! Make sure your server is full of engaging, entertaining and non-confusing content. And, make sure everything looks nice as well, because first impressions matter.
    • Don't overlook the non-beneficial methods, those may be the ones that bring in 1-2 players, but, those players could be the ones who stay and contribute to your server.
    Hope I could help! I tried to work within your budget!
    This is a basic summary from my upcoming free guide on advertising and marketing your server. If you want to learn more, click here
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  3. What budget do you suggest? I don't like wasting money. And paying 100 euros is possible, but I don't believe I will get a return of investment at such high rates.

    [Edit] Thanks for the elaborate reply. I think I have already stumbled across your advertising post. These things are all good ideas, but they don't work as good as they used to
  4. Best way to grow a server is through advertisement via youtubers. Most will require payment unless you have direct connections to any.