I need Developers

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by Asak__, May 10, 2017.

  1. Hello. I'm DJG. also called SodaGen. I'm here because I'm looking for Developers who makes plugins.. I want to recruit some Developers to work for me on my server. ATM its just a Hamachi Network server. but in a couple days it will be Localhosted with a Custom IP. when its done I will host it on a website hosting company. the Developers will get payed. dippends on how much we earn from server donations when its released. if you want to contact me. my Discord is: DJG#2443 when you send me a message or friend me. I will invite you to a Group where I will have all my Recruiters
  2. How much is the pay? i finished IT academy so... dont think im money maniac ;)
  3. Well, first off you can judge a lot by a person with how they post on the forums. I'm a developer, although you said "dippends" and "payed" and capitalized "Group" and "Recruiters." Why would someone look for a job with someone who can't spell, or use grammar? I'm not trying to be annoying or anything it's just that this really ticks me off.