I need help with BuildTools.jar

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  1. Hey guys!

    I need help running BuildTools.jar with either java 8,9 or 10 because I want to make a 1.5.2 server with anti cheat plugins and play with my friends who only use version 1.5.2 because that's the only one that works for them.
    I play on Macbook Air with Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 and the JRE is java 11 but I need it to be java 8-10.
    If anyone could help that would be awesome!
  2. BuildTools doesn't build anything older than 1.8
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  3. No way you'll play on 1.5.2... How can you talk about anti-cheat on that version ? Better indentify why only 1.5.2 works for them, instead of doing this. If you really want to play 1.5.2 on open your connection to LAN.
  4. I was thinking about this too
    1) Where in the world are you going to find plugins for 1.5.2?
    2) What kind of computer does said person have that they cant play anything newer than 1.5.2? I mean I have a 2009 iMac collecting dust on my desk that can play 1.12.2, not very smooth but still it plays. If my almost 10 year old MAC can play 1.12.2 what in the world does this person have they cant even play 1.8.x?
  5. When I thought people still building their servers on 1.8 was bad enough.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. You can't get a 1.5.2 jar anymore. You are lucky enough if you have one. (I do.) There is probably only an old version of NoCheatPlus for 1.5.2. If your friends can't play higher than 1.5.2 because of their graphics card, there is Mesa3D a graphics card emulator, but they will most likely get around 15 FPS. But if a computer is that old I really just recommend buying a new one, even a cheap one for $300 will play Minecraft smoothly.
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  8. Dear @vRaz_Predator,

    As @ShaneBee said correctly Buildtools didn't let you build any version before 1.8 -> main reason for that is that previous versions where published without reason for a simple/common server owner to build it from source code. Buildtools got created/big used after the DMCA of Bukkit, when you are interested in what happend in the past that changes a couple of things that you experience to this day. You can look at the following topics about this subject by @md_5:

    An extra topic with a global history timeline: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bukkit-craftbukkit-spigot-1-8.36598/

    To awnser your question how you can get a spigot version for minecraft 1.5.2? I can send you the following link: <redacted> On this site stays a lot of spigot, craftbukkit & vanilla server jar's for download.

    As other people written before, it sounds not the best way to create a 1.5.2 server but when you like it - it's possible to this day :)

    - Tycho
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  9. I think it's great you want to play with your friends, I am sorry to hear they can't run anything modern, you'll have to dive into the history with a time machine and find a jar to download somewhere (totally do NOT recommend this) - like others said, you can't use buildtools to obtain it anymore.

    My friends have macbooks from 2019 and run 1.12.2 just fine on it, together with optifine and min settings, they get 60fps no problem.
    Your friends, if they really want to play, can try it.

    edit: cough.. 2009
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  10. Can you please get me in touch with your friend, I could really go for a MacBook from the future ;)
  11. HAHA, 2009 :D
    Nicely spotted
    I want this futuristic MacBook pro.... because mine is soooo 2015, I need this 2019 magic!
  13. Strahan


    lol and here I thought only the automotive industry sold products from the future :)
  14. Little typo, no biggie.
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    True but it wouldn't feel like the internet if someone wasn't being pedantic :D
  16. All in good humour.
    I literally was all "apple released an early model?"
    But i dont think they do that, so I HAD to have a little fun with it ;)
    And you are right.... its usually the auto industry doing that,.... Kia is announcing their 2020 Kia Soul this week :unsure: