I need help with the Blackjack Plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MrRAGEiiN, May 17, 2015.

  1. Hey, the owner of the plugin says he has no issues using his plugin with spigot 1.8 but I have errors, can anyone help, I have Vault & ImageonMap, the cards load up just fine but the table generates this error http://hastebin.com/qiwoxahevu.vbs if anyone could he me that would mean a lot thanks!
  2. The error is that it can't spawn an hanging entity (painting/itemframe) at that location.
    Not sure if you can change that or the plugin does, but it doesn't look like an 1.8 port problem.
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  3. Thanks this is very helpful, so any clue where in the code I should look for this issue, I don't plan to reupload this as my plugin I simple just want to resolve the issue with the plugin for my server.
  4. The entity is spawned at line 1599, after the methods at lines 1397 and 539
    (that would make it a huge class btw, you should look into organizing it a bit :p )
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  5. O lord that will be a huge project for me XD i know very basic coding but enough to understand what the code is saying so i will look into fixing this thanks so much!