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  1. Hello! I was making my plugin and one of the depends is KoTH plugin. When I put my plugin and the KoTH plugin together the KoTH plugin is not starting and the error says that the plugin is already initialized when its actually not.

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  2. are they using the same package and Class?
  3. They're probably using either the same plugin.yml or package/class combos as another plugin in the server, could you post the stacktrace?
  4. If that happens, you must have done something wrong. Please explain in more detail what you're doing, or share the relevant code for it.
  5. Looks like he copied the same plugin.yml in each plugin, or he's using same classes.

  6. Hello, I have not copied the main nor plugin.yml class. The same thing happens with ProtocolSupport.

    Here is the full error:

  7. Try booting the KOTH plugin without your own plugin, since you said it only breaks when they're together. Also, maybe post your plugin.yml for your plugin and your plugins folder to see if you accidentally have two copies of a plugin in the folder.

  8. It works without my plugin.
    I don't have two copys.
    Here is the plugin.yml:


    EDIT: The depend is a plugin called peak but I tested peak and KoTH and they run together just fine.
  9. Did you extend every class as JavaPlugin?
  10. No, I didn't.
  11. may you show us at least every class ( i mean first lines)
  12. There are exactly (I counted) 26 classes in my hub core and exactly 244 classes in my depend plugin.
  13. Are you sure that in each of these , just the main is extended as JavaPlugin? Check that! it's really important! Compilers doesnt mark it as an error, but for spigot it is.
  14. Yes I checked all of them in the meantime and only the main class is extending javaplugin.
  15. Strahan


    Post your project on Github, then we can see what we're working with.
  16. I can't it is a private project. When I tested out my friend's version of the plugin it worked. I don't know why is this a think when non if this is the same. And also protocollib isn't working for the same exact reason.
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    Well, there isn't much we can do without seeing the project. *shrug*
  18. I know but do you have any idea why this issue happens?
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    The most common reasons have been said. Assuming your code is free of any package/naming clashes, no idea.
  20. Down for call & anydesk?