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Discussion in 'Programming' started by MuvooX, May 8, 2019.

  1. This could be an issue with ProtocolSupport itself - speaking of that, what version of it are you using?
  2. Im using 1.8.8, and the same thing happens with KoTH plugin...
  3. Can we get a list of plugins you’re using, and are you using any modifications to your spigot?
  4. Plugins are: Peak (My depend plugin), KoTH, MassiveCore, Factions, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Victions (My plugin that is conflicting with KoTH for some reason)

    Spigot is directly purchased from minemen with source codes, I have not done any modifications to the spigot itself, but the minemen owners added the knockback command and some custom events.
  5. Perhaps you have two ProtocolSupport jar's in your plugins directory, since ProtocolSupport is causing this error.
  6. Nope there is only one jar. And as I said the same thing happens with KoTH
  7. How are you handling your dependencies? Are you maybe shading stuff in there that shouldn't?
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  8. Nope. And how would I even "share" something. But beside all of this, this is a really weird bug.

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