I need ideas for furniture models

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  1. Hello, i'm currently developing my next plugin (as the title says, it will be a furniture plugin) and I want you to tell me some models to add!
    For now we have: 16 types of working chairs, working oven and fridge, working recycle bin, TV and 7 types of tables
    So now tell me your ideas!
  2. Chandeliers! (Or anything to do with lighting)
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  3. Done! Other ideas guys?
  4. Guillotine, cannon, trebuchet, sex swing, gargoyle, The Goblet of Fire (HP - even though the movie sucked...), weapon rack (functional?), giant sofa, Roman pillars, Viking boat (ornamental), functional bookshelf (is it even possible?!), cupboard, nightstand.
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  5. I prefer avoiding the 4th thing :]
  6. A pool with deck chairs :)
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  7. I was just naming stuff around the room, but understandable. :)
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  8. functional bookshelf, weapon rack, roman pillars (i love them), cupboard and nighstand are okay, the others no because i want to add modern things
  9. Anyway i decided to add also beach furniture :]
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