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  1. Hello everyone, I want to comment a little bit about what my plugin is going to, so they can help me with some contributions.I'm working on an addons plugin for hubs, that is to say I have included everything that a basic hub needs.

    I have some things already finished, such as:
    - Scoreboard
    - Command Blocker
    - Help System
    - Broadcast
    - StaffChat

    I could say that something else could add to finish complementing my resource, I would like this to be a super complete resource so that the creators of servers do not have to be depending on a high amount of external plugins that can cause failures (Lag or Bugs) in servers.

    I appreciate any suggestions, thank you and have a nice day!
  2. What about being able to set a spawn for whenever a player joins. And be able to create a spawn for newer players too (Though this should be optional)
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  3. Is it/does it have
    • Lightweight
    • Anti flicker
    • Animated
    • PlaceholderAPI support
    • A lot of customization

    A few ideas that come up when I read command blocker:
    Plugin hider (With custom tab completion, to 'fake' plugins)
    Ingame GUI to add commands (Anvil GUI to type them)

    Doesn't really say much, is it like /helpop or /help, if helpop make sure to add:
    • Spam protection
    • Keyword detection to sort them out to certain staff members (Like: plugin isn't working > dev, Player is tpa spamming me > Helper, mod, admin etc)
    If it's a help page
    • Custom pages like /help factions
    • Clickable text for command completion
    • Hover messages for more information
    Make sure it's customizable, have 'flags' so you can do /bc hello -p message.receive
    So only players with the permission message.receive can receive the broadcast.

    Also make a autobroadcasting system, if you can improve mine, you have my respect (lol)

    A few ideas that come up:
    • Code to protect the chat
    • Discord intergration to a certain channel, so staff can always talk with the people in minecraft.
    Besides that, other ideas are:

    • Relationships
    • All other essentials commands
    • All other usefull things
    Just go and look into the resource page, and think 'is this usefull in my plugin'.

    Good luck ;)
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  4. A server selector compass would be nice with a gui. Maybe some hub gadgets or something fun.
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  5. No. Download HaveALobby. There is already a resource for that :p

    Click link 3 in my signature.
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  6. *Rates it one star*

    Kidding, It looks nice but there are still many improvements to make. Keep up the good work ;)
  7. If you want to be unique for 1.12, throw in some minigames built-in like spleef, paintball, maybe parkour? Please don't do anything with altering or messing with permissions a lot of hub plugins mess with permissions and it's really annoying. I paid for and I really regret it because it's no longer being updated tons of bugs and it messes with permissions. My biggest advice as a server owner, experience with tons of plugins on spigot is please make every feature on your hub plugin able to disable and enable don't force things, hubs are different for every server.

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