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  1. I need ideas from u guys cause im a dumb creativeless peice of shit so yes ideas pls need ideas......
    thx in advance.
  2. In which direction you want to go? What plugin you want to program?
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    I do recommend you to do a minigame plugin.
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  4. would like to do that but i still need an idea for the minigame to be centered around.
    and i like ur mysql api plugin might use it in the future to get around the things that might take some time.
  5. ANYTHING! i just need ideas. everybody here will get the plugin if interested, but the idea is the important part.

    I need something original, something new innovative.
    Anything would help
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    You know ideas dont come out of nowhere, we can give you categories but you need to sit down and think about an idea. This might take some time and it can be hard. I do recommend you to search spigot a bit and see what people really want.
  7. yes and that is kind of the point of this thread, its for the people that have great ideas but don't know how to code i would really like to see people see their ideas come to life. :p xD
  8. Minigame plugin with bow !? :p