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  1. So about two weeks ago I was planning on making better plugins and uploading them. Problem is I've been in a creative slump due to some issues in life. If anyone has any ideas of what plugins I should make please tell me.
  2. Do something pvp related. That would be cool, or HCF related?
  3. Meme roulette: a mini game where a random thing is chosen (eg Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams, lava Is rising and your jumping from metal poles and knocking players off) if a player dies he is eliminated and it moves onto the next meme until a last person is remaining, the last person is obviously the winner.
  4. a game where two people can mate, then a small armorstand with your skin(heads) follows you around. 44% chance to get the other partner pregnant. also, use of contraceptives lowers the chance by 7%. if a baby is formed, it will follow one of the parents around and help it attack the parent(s) victim, however, the baby can randomly throw up on you(lava) and damage you, plus a permanent 0.2 reduction to the player's walk speed.
  5. Fk that this is the OPs thread, I'm doing that m8 lol
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  6. IRL Minecraft is coming to life with these ideas.
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  7. Not if I make it first!
  8. Go ahead m8, I still have a couple of plugins to complete before getting around to that...

    Also did you see my suggestion?
  9. That one is actually a very good idea
    Might actually make that once I start organizing everything on my computer
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  10. It's a good idea but no server owner would use it srsly in a minigame, unless kids now love their dank memes...

    Talking about 9-12 range or something (idk the age that play mc)