I need info, How I create a minecraft hosting provide

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  1. Because that's what most new providers do. It's impossible to learn the correct way of doing things (well hard not impossible) until you've seen how it's done professionally

    To the op:
    Why do you want to learn how to do it? You will not make money from it. Some so, but you wont, especially if you start with no system administration knowledge. The worst hosts out there are extremely difficult to set up.
  2. It's all in the leverages, delegation, etc. Now getting clients to pay more than peanuts for their Game Servers to make a proper company profitable is whole another can of worms. However it's not "impossible" if your able to home down a niche that will, offer innovations that people may justifiable the costs and/or etc.
  3. Seriously, unless you have a something like 10,000 Euros that you are willing to give away and have nothing after, but memories.
    You are living a dream.
    You and your staff need training in many subjects.
    You will have to pay for Staff, Services, Hardware, Legal teams, Licenses, and much more. (Don't forget to pay for your own costs involved.)
    Even if you make a business which can start trading, there are many financial and legal obsticals which will continue.

    On the whole, if you have to ask the question, this is not for you.
  4. These are generally very exaggerated for most hosting related businesses. There are many "mom and pop" type setups that had and are operating to this day. As I said before it's all about...
    Delegation (that doesn't mean you necessarily need to pay hundreds for staffing, there are "shared" services that can be had. In addition of freelancers and/or other means of delegations)
    Planning and so forth

    At the end of the money and knowledge is just a "resource". There people who have tons of one or the other or even both. But someone who doesn't have lots of either and can crave out his/her market, niche and/or etc is entirely possible IF taken seriously.
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    Nah, you just need luck and timings. Minecraft is not a good idea to start from at this point, 9~ years after the game was made. Waiting for Hytale to be released and starting hosting with that would be smarter. You don't need a team of people to do this stuff, you don't need a legal team, don't need $10,000 either. Obviously it's helpful to have though. Only mandatory thing is experience..
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  6. I never said people couldn't do it.
    I said the op couldn't.

    If you need to ask on a forum filled with server owners how to make money hosting their servers generally you arent in a good position to start a profitable hosting company.
  7. Everyone have to start somewhere though. It's the matter of how you take it from there that counts. Not what intelligent you "started out with".
  8. But to actually ask server owners how to set up a hosting provider is a step too far.

    People wont lay out step by step instructions. He needs to learn about the tools behind it in their entirety rather than trying to learn about how to set it up once and leave it running without any clue how he did it. He needs to learn about the software, and form there understand how you would set one up rather than just learn the specifics of quickly setting one up.

    Aside from the fact it is a competitive market, so in order to succeed you will need the knowledge from the beginning as any bad reputation will be the death of a new provider. A few hours downtime is bye bye.
  9. This is what I never understands, in terms of ethics your would have much better time with a competing coffee shop adjacent to yours than doing the same in terms of game hosting...

    There it's more like a "zero sum game" rather than competition assisting one of another to boost productivity of the market as a whole. That why it's not unheard of for a coffee joint to recommend another coffee joint next door/near by and often time the other doing the same. Resulting in both joints getting boosted sales.
  10. That works for coffee shops, true.

    But if there is a saturated market which is accessible to anybody, they will go for an existing provider over your one, unless your prices are so low that you lose money.
    If he does something which everybody else has done, why would they go with his?
    His wont be better, itll be reselling the same servers.

    It's like trying to start a minecraft forum. We have so many that there is almost no chance that somebody new who just decides he wants to make one will ever be successful.
  11. OR...
    You tap a market and adjust where they don't exists (eg your local communities, niche population(s), etc)
    You innovate beyond what's offered what's everyone else is doing
    You VAR (Value Added Reseller) the service(s) in some ways or forms
    etc etc etc

    As they saying goes, there are more than one way to skin an animal. It's entirely possible to start a Minecraft hosting company with little resources if your leverage(s) align properly. Heck I know a budget optimized provider who started off with nothing more than a single U colo and guess what's? they are selling QUAD CPU servers for $599+/month without a hitch (their inventory are always empty).

  12. And you think he'll offer better if he follows step by step instructions from people on the internet not understanding what the software is actually doing?
  13. I don't think he was explicitly was requesting such. I think he was more on the lines of how you get started in the industry itself.

    Going back to the coffee shop example, would it would be insane to ask people how I go about starting a shop up? Heck even talking some owners on what's it's takes to start one up, what pitfalls exists and so on? I personally don't think so.

    As I said before everyone have to starts somewhere.
  14. No,

    But it would have been insane to for Richard Branson to have asked British Airways how to set up your own airline before he tried setting up virgin Atlantic .

    Different businesses do not operate the same. When it comes to minecraft providers, if somebody goes with one that customer is not with the other. Why should somebody help the other steal customers.

    With the hosting provider thing:
    Hes asking server owners how to make money from them.

    Analogies are like cake. Pick at them enough, and they fall apart.
  15. That's why the hosting industry is "messed up" majority. When you ADD competition you are actually adding a larger customer base to boot (over time that is). Because of the options at their disposal.

    So any sane company would actually want more quality competition to exists. Whether we are talking about a cup of joe or a GB of Minecraft rental.
  16. But you arent? People arent going to start their own servers simply because a new company exists, especially when ao many other companies exist that the difference is negligible. There are options for almost everybody possible, and we dont need more resellers (nothing wrong with it but we have enough).
  17. That's the "problem" not the fact that there a saturation. As soon as a few companies decide to offer actual diverse offerings is when the rest will die away or at least don't hold on for much longer.

    Should that continue to exists then server owners and/or other population(s) will take these more seriously. Until then I think people would frankly much rather spin up something like a performance Vultr VPS and/or drag out a E3/I7 node downstream and go from there. If they are serious about hosting a Minecraft server to begin with.