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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a plugin that can:
    give permission for specific time and then it remove it. i have in my server groupmanager.

    example: player voted then console does command to give player permission for specific time then it removes the permission after the specific time.


    my discord: Topsmoks#0163
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  2. Use LuckPerms instead of GroupManager and do the command /lp user <the player here> permission settemp <the permission you want> true <time>
    Here's the wiki for more infos https://github.com/lucko/LuckPerms/...truefalse-duration-temporary-modifier-context
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  3. Why not using an frequently updated plugin with lots of functionnalities instead of an old non updated anymore plugin who lacks tons of functionnalities ? At least use PEX, but not GroupManager
  4. I'd argue GroupManager>PEX (having used both for years), but LuckPerms is obviously better than all
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  5. I agree LuckPerms is better than both GroupManager and PermissionsEX. With that being said, I been using PermissionsEX for years before LuckPerms was even a thing. I can definitely say for sure that PermissionsEX has way more features than GroupManager and overall the code base is better than that of GroupManager. GroupManager is very limited compared to PermissionsEX. In this thread, GroupManager can't even support timed permissions. PermissionsEX? It can.

    I agree with the second part, but for me, it's going to have to be PermissionsEX > GroupManager
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  6. GroupManager has per-world permissions, which makes a huge difference
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  7. PeX has too.
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  8. Not sure why people still use GM and PEX (they're severely outdated), but as mentioned many times in this thread, LuckPerms can do all this for you, and even has support for more features. I personally found it quite easy to learn when I switched to it a year or two ago, however if it's something you think you'll struggle with, it comes with a pretty neat web editor that should make it much easier than having to remember a handful of commands.
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  9. I use PEX because it works, and its simple to use. LuckPerms is severely convoluted.
    PEX hasn't been updated in years, that is true, but as for outdated? Not sure what makes it outdated, it all works, no need for an update, that said, the team behind PEX is back and has been working on PEX 2.0

    LuckPerms recently re-wrote their API and big chunks of their plugin, which not on screws over many plugins which rely on their api, but changed some usage of the plugin that has confused people.

    Im in no way saying PEX is better than LuckPerms, but im saying many people choose PEX because it works just fine.

    As for GM, its absolute garbage, their command system is just beyond stupid/convoluted. I hated every second I used GM and Im very happy with PEX!

    To the OP... you're going to have a hard time finding a plugin that does what you're looking for since most perm plugins (PEX and LuckPerms both) have these features built in.
    No one uses GM anymore, so not many people are going to make addons for it.
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  10. I think it didn't have when I used it, but well I stopped using it since 1.6 mc version, used it since 1.1
  11. I was using PeX since 1.4.7, and this feature was already in the plugin, so, maybe you just didn't pay attention when it was introduced.
    quick-edit: first commits with per-world stuff were in 2011 year actually
  12. then I didn't notice it :O
  13. well it has more extra features in addition to simple add a timer to a permission/rank. but if LP provides what you need, the no need to use permission timer.
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  14. Why are all of y'all arguing in a single "I need plugin" trend. I mean, go move your discussion to Spigot discussion or something. (Yes I agree LuckPerms is for more advanced people who wants to have more control over their server, and those that need something simpler of course can go for PEX or GroupManager, however like mentioned they are outdated and won't work for newer versions.)
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