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  1. i recently got a bukkitGUI/Spigot server and it has been running greatly. i port forwarded it correctly, everything was great. then this morning my friends tried to get on in and couldn't. i tried restarting the server and it said some weired code. it said server starting, a string of code, then server stopped. i thought it was a plugin corruption, so i deleted all my plugins and made sure i got the 1.8.0 version for all of them (my server is 1.8.0) it started, but still nobody could join. im running it off my desktop, and my plugins are world editedit-bukkit 6.1, PerWorldPlugins, multiverse core 2.5, FactionsOne-v1.0-1.8.3, Essentials-2x-SNAPSHOT, Essentials group manager, and empty world generator. when i try to connect to the server the error message is as followed: "Java.Net.ConnectExeption: Connection Timed Out: No Further Information:" for my friends it says: "io.netty.channel.connecttimeoutexception" and i didnt change the port or anything last night or this morning, i have a cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 data gateway, theres also a video on youtube on how to port forward it if you want to see if the guy in the video did something wrong. just search of how to port forward
    a cicso router and it should pop up. i also tried restarting the server, deleting it and re-downloading it, and tons of other stuff. sorry if this kind of subject doesnt belong in this section, could a mod be kind enough to put this thread in the proper section? if you want to see the console or my router, i can give you my email or my skype, or if you could download teamviewer that would be great.

    once again i apologise if this thread isnt in the right subject
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  2. will it run if you remove the world folder (or move it somewhere else)?
  3. i will try that
  5. you can try that if it didn't work
  6. DUDE YOUR A SAINT! THANKS! but a bit of a problem when i took out the "world" folder it didnt regenerate itself so know my friends are spawning in the end. do i just put the world folder back in or make a new world folder and put the files from the old one in it?
  7. well actually I believe you can just put it back in and remove everything inside world/playerdata. It's a strange problem to have but that solved it for me.
  8. it happened again, this time i tried everything you told me to before to no avail. please answer back as asoon as possible, as my staff are starting to think of quiting
  9. hmm... that's strange indeed. would you like to PM me with Skype over this issue?
  10. yes. my skype is jalen1562