I need some helpful tips on running my private server community.

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  1. For a while now, I have had a server with a small community. The problem is that either people loose interest within the first week to month, so I reset it. But that's besdes the point. Upcoming once 1.12 releases, I plan to make it a private vanilla server again, to see if they would get their interest back with a new version. Now they say that they are bored of Survival Minecraft, yet I insist on having it at least mosly vanilla. My arguement against them is that they think that the game is "Mine > Get Diamonds > Go to the Nether > Go to the End > Kill Ender Dragon > Get Elytra > Game over, you win". I haven't had a genuine survival server before where we have really put some effort into going further than that, that hasn't died within a few weeks. I know plenty of things they could do, but they come up with excuses not to do so. So I'd like a plan for my next server to keep their interest for at least 6 months. Any thoughts?

    Also I know I want mostly vanilla, and this is the spigot forums, but when I looked at the Minecraft Forums, threads in the appropriate section were taking 3+ days to get replies to. I hope it's not much of a problem.
  2. And you are wondering why people are leaving?

    You want my tip? Listen to your community!
  3. We have access to most gamestyles already. Factions, Minigames, KitPVP, Skyblock, now the only thing that isn't a completely new idea is Survival. Things like Modded are also very similar survival, and are very Client comprehensive.
  4. They don't want other gamemodes, they want survival but not "mostly vanilla". If they wanna play vanilla, they can go in singleplayer and do it.

    You need to add things to you survival server to make it interesting to play on. Survival is literally the easiest thing to customize, there are too many possibilities. I think you should start out with 50+ challenges players can do through their gameplay so they don't get bored out of their minds.
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  5. Ok, I'll try that. Thanks.