I need to recover this file

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  1. I need to recover this file

    It turns out that I deleted a very important file for the stability of my server. And I do not have backup of it, investigate a lot. And with "testdisk" in ubuntu I managed to find the deleted file, but I do not know how to get it back. Do you have an idea how could I do? it's like the file is still there or in a "recycling bin". Here you can see in red with the .tmp extension
    I have ubuntu 16.04


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  2. Strahan


    Have you ceased any disk activity on the drive with the deleted file since it was deleted? If you've been running the server since then, you're likely screwed. I never tried undeleting a file with testdisk, I've only ever used it for partition recovery but if you can't figure it out try a more user friendly program like Recuva or something.

    Just obviously do not install it on the drive where the file was deleted.

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