I spent 2 years and a half making my own game, here's the result!

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  1. Hello Spigot Community! I hope you still remember me, I am the creator of the plugin MobRacers a plugin I've maintained for a while before my minecraft retirement. I'm really sorry to all my customers to have stopped maintaining it but I believe what I've been able to work on instead was really worth it!

    Introducing Jumpaï!


    Jumpaï is a game where you get to create your own level to play it online with everyone. A bit like Mario Maker, but with the multiplayer aspect added to it. We also have in-game races and leaderboards to spice up the competition a bit!

    I started Jumpaï is november 2016 using Java and LibGDX. I would never had reached this level of mastery of Java without having learned it by programming spigot plugins in the first place. I wanted to give an update to you guys because this place is where I learned to code big projects and made them professional. A big thanks to the IRC crew who, at the time, really helped me understand how APIs work and how to use reflection to inject myself into the minecraft server.

    From making my own chunk system, custom physics engine and network engine to having the game 100% translated and all controls bindable, it really took a lot of time and efforts doing this but totally worth it, considering all the hours of fun I have playing my own game.

    Try it now and you won't regret it! https://frame-perfect.itch.io/jumpai
    Also, join me on my discord: https://discord.gg/Guv4UYn

    Alexander Winter aka WinterGuardian
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  2. Congrats on finishing your game.
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  3. Thank you! It's indeed released and playable but has many planned features coming out.
  4. Mario Maker meets Celeste meets Geometry Dash?

    I like it
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  5. I was just thinking the same thing actually, glad I'm not the only one
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  6. Just played it, its fun. Good job!
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  7. Great to see that you finished your game! Congratulations.
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  8. Congratulations :)
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  9. That looks dope af. Congrats!
    Maybe you could also make it available for android, I think more people would play it there
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  10. Congrats! It feels so good to accomplish something big doesn't it?
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  11. Thank you all for the lovely words! Yes it feels awesome. I just released a new update today btw, it's 10 times better I promise hahaha
  12. Funny game haha.. I like it;)
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  13. Congrats, Looks good. I'll have to give it a go sometime :)
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  14. Congrats! looks very nice, wonder how people make these sorts of things x3
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  15. Interesting, how has it been going so far?
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  16. Congrats! Looks awesome, I shall go give it a play.
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  17. Very good job sir! Love it :love:
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  18. Seems cool. Good job
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  19. With efforts and dedication! Worth it in the end.

    Since I made that post I released a huge update that brought much more people and more levels! Still struggling with marketing though as the game doesn't really appeal to people that never tried it. (Fun but doesn't look interesting if you don't know what it is). I need more clickbaity thumbnails and box art.
  20. Wait, is this a one man effort?
    Looks amazing to me!
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