I think I made a 24/7 server host for free.

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  1. I was making a plugin for Minecraft and I followed a video tutorial using IntelliJ Community Edition, and in the video, he said you need to debug/run the plugin, I didn't notice that it made a Minecraft server so I ran it and boop! I anciently made a 24/7 server! I don't really know how, but for sure I know that even when I close IntelliJ and even restart my PC or my Home Network it still works! LOL

    Please explain this or react for this post.
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  2. I think you're compiling the server jar content (extracted) and then along with your plugin code it will be compiled with each other. You can disable that.

    Perhaps you have something like this in Project Structure> Artifacts:

    If that's the case, right-click on the server jar and press remove.
    Don't forget to Apply and press ok.
  3. Ok thx! But still its cool to have a 24/7 without keeping the terminal always :)
  4. ... you know daemons exist for this reason right?
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