I wait!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by NiekGC, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. How long does it take if you upload a premium resource and you are waiting for aproval?
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  2. I don't know. Probably when the staff arrive after they finish the queue before your one.
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  3. In about a day to about half a month.
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  4. From what I've seen on your account is that you were spamming the forums to post a premium resource.. Have some patience.

    @Demeng7215 @IndieGuts and @BrettplayMC Would agree with me
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  5. I wouldn't assume people would agree with you, they might go really insane and say they don't!!


    The amount of threads about this is ridiculous, this question has been answered many many many times. I think these threads should just be banned now.

    @SamB440 will agree with me ;)
  6. The answer is written in the Premium Resource Guidelines.
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  7. By using your brains and learn how to search. And good attitude.
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  8. Everybody gets this wrong.
    SpigotMC is not a marketspace. The Premium resources section is for authors who have put lots of effort in their plugin.
    I think you are not understanding this, it looks like you want to gain money by developing a plugin.

    The users are not really paying for your plugin, they are paying for the time you have put into your plugin.
    Spamming the forums is not a good idea, when they look at who submitted the resource, they will be like
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  9. I agree, their posts are extremely short, not really answers to questions, and so on.
    Too bad SpigotMC couldn't code a XenForo addon to check for amounts of words on a post to be counted towards required posts for resource uploads.
    E.x. Only posts with 50+ words would be counted
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