I wanna find the perfect plugin!

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  1. Me and my friends set up a spigot server and were looking for a very specific plugin. I'm looking for a anti grief plugin which comes with raiding in it. They don't wan't Factions and I simply can't find the right plugin.
  2. Hate to break it to you, but that's the point of Factions. I don't play much factions but I know there's raiding involved. That's what I could find.
  3. Well thanks! I'll still search, but again thanks!
  4. How would you like raiding to be? Like every Sunday (or whatever you want) you can raid anyone and anything you find? Or more like factions, so a battle between 2 groups?
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    The plugin lands has a war feature involved, but it does cost money and might be too feature-filled for want you want. It is a rather complex plugin.
  6. Anti grief with raiding? So basically, no plugin?
  7. I run a server that has a factions-like mod. Players can still claim land, which is then protected from breaking and placing blocks. But, the catch is that chests can be opened by non-faction members, and explosions are still enabled for factioned territory. So, the thought is that if someone can use creepers or a TNT cannon to gain access to your treasures, then they can raid your faction.