i want buy plugin us.oc.tc

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by abdulhalem, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Hello EveryOne, i am new for bugeecord and i want to buy plugins, i want it same this server:us.oc.tc my skype: q7loooMxGamer i am waiting for help me and thanks. i want to make my : Project Ares ...
    the important plugin i want it there is a pvp bulid an auto change map example : us.oc.tc Project Ares and I control add map and remove map and auto change map , what time is finish. if the plugin free please give me the link and​
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  2. I want White House, I pay monies, It be must whitehouse,contact Skype mbyrnefbi, if free giv now, tanks.
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  3. md_5

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    Their plugin is not for sale........
  4. create plugin oc.tc , not buy of https://oc.tc/
  5. "i want to buy plugin us.oc.tc" :|

    This will very soon become an insane flaming thread. I can already tell.
  6. joehot200


    the plugin is not for sale. If you want us to understand you, please use proper english. You could also use Google Translator, so we can actually understand what you are saying.
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  7. joehot200


    I think he means he wants someone to make a plugin like it for him.

    btw, @abdulhalem, there is no point of copying plugins from other servers. It makes your server less unique, and more "oh i have seen this all before....".
  8. Is it me, or does this seem all too similar to this thread?

    Different user mind you, though I would bet they have some sort of connection. (neither can spell Bungee, both capitalize EveryOne and they like copying servers...)
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  9. CustomForms

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    I'm just going to close this before people start thinking their better than others.
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