i want buy plugins

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  1. Hello EveryOne, i am new for bugee and i want to buy plugins, i want it same this server:eu1.mctimv.com my skype: alshammari.king i am waiting for help me and thanks. i want to make my server games, survival games, bowspleef , spleef,.....
    the important plugin i want it there is a sign and on the sign statue for server [join] and the players and the state of the game, what time is finish. if the plugin free please give me the link and thanks​
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    That is what that plugin can do, with a few small changes in the config
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  4. what is this plugin?
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    dude... it is the same, the only thing that cant make it 100% is it saying [full]
    other wise its the same plugin, with simple config editing
  6. In the config for the plugin, create a new custom layout that matches the style in those screenshots.

    Code (Text):
        teleport: true #if the sign should teleport the player to another server
          - '&bTeleport to:'
          - '%motd%'
          - '&f&l%numpl%/%maxpl%'
          - '%isonline%'
        online: '&aOnline'  #replaced with %isonline%
        offline: '&cOffline'  #replaced with %isonline%
    That is the excerpt from the config. Note that you can use placeholders which get replaces with the appropriate information: %numpl% (current players), %maxpl% (max players), %motd% (MOTD of server), %displayname%, %isonline% (is the server online).

    Personally I'm off to bed (4am), and I am really sorry I can't do it all for you.
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    What you talk about Willis, il split it with you :p
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  8. You can go to the official Bukkit plugin list and search for what you need. There are many plugins already made for this that have thousands of downloads and they download it for free, if we had to pay I would be bankrupt right now.

    Me Bankrupt