I want my ranks global!

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  1. Hey, i use groupmanager and i need some help, how do i make my ranks global when using multiverse? Ex:

    Player 1 is a vip, he teleports to another world

    He still is a vip with the same prefix.
  2. If GroupManager doesn't do that by default you should change your permissions plugin
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  3. Open plugins/GroupManager/config.yml

    Near the bottom:
    Code (Text):

            # Worlds listed here have their settings mirrored in their children.
            # The first element 'world' is the main worlds name, and is the parent world.
            # subsequent elements 'world_nether' and 'world_the_end' are worlds which will use
            # the same user/groups files as the parent.
            # the element 'all_unnamed_worlds' specifies all worlds that aren't listed, and automatically mirrors them to it's parent.
            # Each child world can be configured to mirror the 'groups', 'users' or both files from its parent.
              - users
              - groups
              - users
              - groups
              - users
              - groups
        #    world3:
        #    - users    (World3 would use the users.yml from world2, but it's own groups.yml)
        #    world4:
        #    - groups   (World4 would use the groups.yml from world2, but it's own users.yml)
        #  world5:
        #    - world6   (this would cause world6 to mirror both files from world5)
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  4. Thanks for the help!