i want the stability server hosting

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  1. i want can have singapore service
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  2. I don't know what your trying to say... can you rephrase that? Right now all I can make up of that is you need a host in singapore
    https://nodecraft.com/ has servers located in singapore, and their service is really good
  3. theres MCPROHOSTING (but watch out for their shitty billing system) then theres LEANGHOSTING (if you have low budget and dont care about other stuff) then theres GAMESERVERS (they shut down your server when your server exceeds the system allocated ram, I do not know why they do this as they can set xms and xmx limits).

    One warning based on my personal experience, Asian Hosting is very expensive and has shitty DDOS protection. You will be better of trading a chunk of your latency for server up-time. I recommend getting a hosting from the US as based on my experience I did not suffer as much downtime. Average ping from Singapore is 180 - 300 ms (still playable).
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  4. If you want I can test out my server in singapore to see if theres anything weird going on

    ALSO: i agree that MCPROHOSTING is garbage
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  5. 180 -300 ms Does not affect the player's experience?
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  6. Ya it kinda does but 150ms isn’t that bad, but downtime is bad.
  7. Yes it does. If a player is in a PVP battle - they'd notice a huge difference and they'd have a higher percentage of losing the fight.
  8. BisectHosting has servers in Singapore. Their test server IP is singapore.bisecthosting.com
    I've found BisectHosting to be very stable.
  9. ok thx you very much

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