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  1. Hopefully I can ask this and not have someone get upset for me asking. We all know about the DMCA crap that happened a few months ago. But how is it that spigot is able to continue on like it has been and not get into trouble legally? I'm just curious as to how it worked out for Spigot but not craftbukkit. Please don't get upset as I am merely trying to understand and learn here.
  2. Spigot doesn't distribute the jars. It lets you build them yourself.
  3. So are you breaking any laws by doing that?
  4. It doesn't void the DMCA due to how the builds are built/constructed/compiled etc. You are given the bits and put it together which doesn't void anything because they aren't giving you the completed work.
  5. Hopefuly not, otherwise everyone would be sued by now
  6. So when I do "Java -jar BuildTools.jar" it's just doing the work that the Devs would have given you to download as the full jar?
  7. They used to give you the pre-compiled .jar which is considered distribution. Now they give you a program that you use to build it yourself which isn't distribution. They are just giving you a tool not a final product.
  8. Ah ok. I assume if I had asked this on the Bukkit forums someone would have been upset? xD So what's the point of Bukkit.org still being around if they aren't giving us anything but plugins that don't really work unless you have that protocallib.jar file?
  9. As I understand it, the DMCA takedown was given because they violated the license under which the code was released (GPL). The GPL license says that all code distributed with GPL code must also be GPL code. Distributing a server jar, which contains craftbukkit code (GPL) and mojang code (non-GPL) violated this license. When you compile the code yourself, no one is distributing differently-licensed code together, YOU download the code from different sources, and compile it yourself, which is allowed under the GPL.
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  11. Pretty much this. I'm sure it still has active sub-forums for plugins but I honestly have no idea. I haven't been on there in months.
  12. Where do I go to download update plugins for Spigot? Is there a plugin page I could be pointed too? Also thank you for explaining all the "legal-jargon" stuff to me.
  13. http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/
  14. Awesome! Thank you! Also what about Essentials? Are they still gonna keep up with Spigot since so many servers rely on them?
  15. Look at http://hub.spigotmc.org then click on Jenkins.
    Use Spigot-Essentials