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  1. Hello guys, i code since 1.5.2 and i have a good understand of Bukkit/Spigot API, but i don't have a good knowldge of NMS, Packets etc...
    I know about reflection in Java, but i don't know how i use in spigot API.
    And i wanna be a better code and learn about NMS first, i know what is pathfinders, but i dont know how to change some stuff's because MINECRAFT source code is little complicated (for me is 3x more, because im brazilian)

    Someone can give me useful links please? I already go to google and im learning something, but i wanna more links.
    Thanks for help.

    PS: Is my english good? Im brazilian and i'm learning english :(
  2. Well reflection isn't just used in the spigot API. Reflection is a java utility. I'd start learning with simply sending easy to use packets. Like chat packets, etc. it will give you an understanding of how packets work, etc. here is a useful link to help show some documentation on packets. http://wiki.vg/Protocol
  3. If you want to look at NMS code, I would suggest maybe using MCP with minecraft server jar. It will partially deobfuscate some code so you can have a look at what does what. The website for particles can be seen from the guy posting above me.
    Otherwise it's a bit like diving into the deep end for most as there are no easy tutorials to follow; you are left with trial and error, which at times can be better than any tutorial you see.
  4. Look minecraft server source code to learn how to use nms. If you dont have the source files you can get it on github (https://github.com/Bukkit/mc-dev) or run BuildTools.
    Im brazilian too
  5. mc-dev is very outdated. Use a decompiler built in to your IDE (there is an Eclipse plugin for it and I think InteliJ has one by default).
  6. JD-GUI is a nice one
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  9. Its much easier having it inside with your IDE. Ctrl+Click the class you are extending and you are able to have all the code inside of your IDE :p
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  11. Really thanks for the link! I will try something with packets

    Yes, i already coded something with MCP and really helps, but when i code i focus more on GUI's, thanks for the tip!

    Its really outdated, but thanks for the tip
    É nois :p

    PS: if the formatation is bad, im sorry, im using tapatalk
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  13. If by GUI you mean like something to help view nms better, have you tried this?