I would like to work on a server!

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  1. Well hello folks,
    I would like to work on a server, which need staff members, I can code a little bit and I can handle plugins stuff and that kinda stuff or else I can be just a staff member, please comment down below to message me if you want to contact me <3 Thanks bb
  2. hey, so Can you tell me more about yourself?
    Age, Sex, Experience and so on :)
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  3. Hello there.
    I'm creating a new server and need help with: Building a Hub and 4 Spawns (same buildings but with different colors) and do you know how to use SkillsAPI/MCCore?
    If you could help that would be great!

    And also:

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  4. MCCore?
  5. Oops, fixed it. MCCore is a requirement for SkillsAPI to work.
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  6. Paid / free?
    Me and some others are starting out a minigame-server, could use some help.
  7. I can do it for free, and my age is 13, my sex is men, and Im experienced <3 You will see my work on your server, if you recruit me :3
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  8. Ok, well can I add you anywhere? I am going to Open a server in a few days.
  9. If you want to contact me add me on skype : pandavenderise or mail me [email protected]