i7 4790k for Home Dedicated Server?

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  1. Hello! Please tell me what kind of online can withstand i7 4790k processor in conjunction with 32GB of RAM.

    I want to put the main Survival server on it. The kernel costs PaperSpigot 1.12.2, all plugins and kernel settings are optimized. I also want to place two small servers on it - Lobby and Auth. They also have paperspigot 1.12.2 with optimization

    I hope the processor will withstand 200-300 online at tps 19.9?
  2. SSD right? Assuming it's decent (TLC with MLC cache or better NAND cells) you can get decent mileages with 1.12.2.
    Absolutely it's a quad processor with 8 threads so if you spread it out to two to four instances you WILL holds 200 and up players without doubts. Assuming the rest of the hardware AND networking are up to specs.
  3. Unless you're getting this really cheap, I would recommend you splash out on an AMD Ryzen 3600(X) desktop as you would face noticeably better performance while it still being affordable.
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  4. I am using an ssd m2 nvme, internet 1gb/s
  5. If I build on amd, it is more expensive, but not much. How much more productive will amd be (if it's not difficult to write how much the i7 4790k and amd Ryzen 3600 will withstand online?)
  6. Here's my case with an AMD A10 8560K or whatever it was vs. even a mere Ryzen 3 3200G.

    Between being able to barely being able to play on the lowest graphics settings on a OpenGL 4.5 game (Minetest) to reving up the settings to MAX, well I think my $300 bucks and so was well spent. I am expecting I can get 5 if not 10+ years before AM5 socket takes the lead from me of demanding its performance.

    So you really can't go "wrong" with AM4, as it said it not that much more over a several years old processor. So what you got to lose apart from small additional investment?
  7. Well, about the i7 4790k, I realized that it will withstand 200-300 online with ease. But how much will the online amd AMD Ryzen 5 3600 withstand
  8. I have high doubts that it can actually handle 300 players.
  9. I agree with CodeCo, if you can afford the extra little bit up front I would go with a 3600x instead of the 4790K. You'll get the benefits of newer architecture and the additional 2 cores and 4 threads the CPU offers.

    If you are confident the 4790K can support 200-300 the 3600x will have no problem hosting that either. Attached below is a chart comparing the two CPUs.