i9-10990k + 32GB RAM. But getting lag?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Madebygood, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. https://timings.aikar.co/?id=81fa6b3e87a945d5bfec00f5919741aa#timings

    I'm running a server with 130-170 people.
    I purchased the I9-10900k a while ago, but the TPS is still reduced when it reaches 135 people.
    I can't believe it. How can I improve this?
    Give me any solution.
    please, thank you.

    I have done most of the optimization settings that come out from Google.
    LagAssist and ClearLag plugin are also in use.
  2. while I cannot tell how to solve your lag, I've noticed some things that are imperfect about your setup:

    - you use WildSkript while running 1.12.2, this addon has stopped being used ages ago, last time it was useful was in 1.8

    - you're running Skript 2.3.7, which is also extremely out of date

    - ClearLag is known to cause more problems than help (most of its content), if you've configured your server right, it's unlikely to help

    - Skellett skript addon is out of date (its latest update is pretty helpful)

    - LibsDisguises plugin is very much out of date

    - You use iDisguise together with LibsDisguises, two disguise plugins???
  3. As all said above ^ and there's no need to give your server 32gb of ram, it'll do more bad than good. You're already using Aikars flags, follow his advice on giving 12gb max at all times too.