Spigot iAFK | AFK players can also get rewards 0.2

Support multiple rewards | Multiple AFK areas | Player AFK head tag hologram

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    iAFK | AFK players can also get rewards - Support multiple rewards | multiple AFK areas | Player AFK hologram

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  2. Do I need the residence plugin? Because I dont wanna use
    I've essentials plugin installed and I wanna match this and your plugin so. When the player gets afk after 5minuts, then the iafk start to work
    I didnt understand work ir work. I've test with /iafk on, but I didint understand how this plugin know when the player is afk
  3. seems the max time is 60 seconds? why?
    I wanna put every 5 minutes
  4. not need it if set residence to false,. How it works is to run only one timer, so just now iafk may just arrive at the time to be rewarded.
  5. So. I wanna the player get rewarded after 300 = 5 minutes. But it even if I put 300 it only count 60s

  6. I think it is the /iafk reload command problem.
    I just tested and found that it did not reload the timer.
    Next time i will fix it.
    You can try restarting the server.
  7. I've tested both with the /iafk reload and restarting the server, the timer still fixed with only 60s even after I change.
  8. So. I've download your new update. Heres a bug:
    right after the user use /afk on the next minute (60secs) the command are trigger but the next one work ok with the 300s I've set (5minutes)