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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by rsod, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. I heard a lot about that, but never seen neither implementation or idea how to do it, and I want to suggest something about it and I want to ensure that I didn't missed any situations. Let's start.

    We will need: some database (could be just flatfile/yaml configuration), where online players will mark as online, and also offline mode authentication plugin, such as AuthMe (or XAuth, or whatever)


    Situation 1. Online user logging in first time. Behavior : adding user to online players database and passing to auth plugin (through API) flag to mark that user as already logged in.

    Situation 2. Offline user logging in first time. Behavior : nothing special, just letting him register.

    Situation 3. Online user logging in, but he was registered as offline. Behavior: assuming him as offline mode user and letting login using auth plugin (to prevent account stealing if someone bought account with his nickname). After login, optionally, he can mark himself as online user and unregister from auth plugin, and add himself to online players base.

    Situation 4. Offline user logging in with name, registered in online players database. Behavior: disallowing login.

    Situation 5. Online user logging in, and he is not registered in auth plugin, but registered in online players database. Behavior: passing to auth plugin flag to mark user as logged in.


    So that's it. We trying to authenticate player, if authentication failing, we still letting him login. If mojang servers unreachable, assuming player as offline mode. Seems like every possible situation listed? Only implementation left. Will I do this? Maybe, but not any time soon. I'm writing an idea, maybe for someone who ever would like to do this.

    To do this most probably we need decompile Spigot/Bukkit, and edit base classes, responsible for login check. Seems to be not that hard, but it will require recompilation every update.

    Thanks for reading =)
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  2. No.
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  3. "no" what?
  4. CustomForms

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    He is insinuating that the idea is "stupid." I suggest just using online mode to save you time and effort, and grab a much more mature playerbase.
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  5. this post is an concept for people which wants to let everyone play and not stopping under problems like this. Actually, I was an admin on one server for 3 month and what can I say is best staff members and longest staying players hasn't minecraft license. Doesn't matter, this is not discussion for or against offline mode, only reason I created that because I had an idea which I don't want to make now because it has zero sense for me. So maybe it would be useful for someone else. And if someone thinking that this idea is stupid - well, I think that keep server with online mode is stupid =)
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  6. CustomForms

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    The idea is practically the same thing as offline mode, which is pointless. I can say the most mature and trustworthy players are not from using offline accounts. Been managing servers, websites, communities, and groups for a few years now. Premium > Non-Premium. If this becomes a online vs. offline debate I will be forced to close the thread because somewhere along the lines it will become out of hand. Let's try and keep it on topic porfavor.
  7. I don't even think that is even possible...How would xAuth know if you have logged in or not, that has to do with Minecraft Mahjong or client sided.
  8. 'This idea' > 'Fully offline' (Normal users don't have that annoying login stage).

    From reading a fair amount of this forums performance section though, a relatively large number of the issues are about an auth plugin causing [unneeded] lag (an argument for online mode), I would expect this implementation to have similar issues.
  9. jeff142


    That requires a custom client mode IIRC
  10. This seems relevant:
    It allows offline mode clients to connect to an online mode server.
    According to its wiki:
    "If the account is verified, the user is automatically identified as themselves (and will be asked to set a password if they do not have one already). If it is not, the user is renamed to "player_[NUMBER]" to prevent people from kicking each other off, and then asked for their name and password to play, after which they will be renamed to their real username."
    The version with a modded craftbukkit requires a client mod for offline clients to connect to an online mode server.
    The legacy version requires no craftbukkit or client mod but requires a host change from the client
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  11. A modded server is required for this.
    One method:
    - when client joins check name against ''
    - if true -> send normal EncryptionRequestPacket -> check against ''
    - if false -> send '-' as serverID in the EncryptionRequestPacket
    - when client connects to a server send a message to the authentication plugin if the client should login or not

    But please don't use this! :D
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  12. jeff142


    Do some reading first:
    Old players have time to buy premium accounts, and yes, its not that cool, players need to add something into their hosts to be able to join without premium for that time.
    Most every one of these plugins requires a client mod of some kind
  13. vemacs


    You can still allow xAuth to register through commands, but I'm currently working on a better passthrough method. ForgeEssentials' auth has a similar feature to what you want.

  14. Looking at statistics a huge portion of Spigot servers are in offline mode. Insinuating that because a server is cracked is low quality is wrong. I honestly don't need to explain why you shouldn't since i am sure you know.

    I have been running my server for three+ years now without any downtime and with a player base above average in maturity. I don't agree that running and getting trustful players on a premium server is easier, but getting a very friendly mature community on a cracked server isn't impossible or even that hard with quality work and perseverance. The option isn't to just "switch" to online mode. Honestly. Offline mode servers have made a lot more people buy minecraft then premium servers. Thats just logical.

  15. YoFuzzy3


    Probably because majority of BungeeCord users use Spigot.
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  16. I didn't think about that, however not every server is a BungeeCord server. I still assume there is a large chunk putting other factors into play.
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  17. Whut the heel are you talking about?

    You replied to a post about half a year old, thus the necro. ;)
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