Solved Idea of the year - Survival WorldEdit

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by _Zane, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. HI FOLKS!

    Once upon a time I was sitting behind my desk and thought, HEY, SURVIVAL WORLD EDIT!?
    Now, what the darn hell is this thing you may ask. Wellwellwell, looks like someone's in for a suprise.

    Survival worldedit would be a side-plugin that basically makes worldedit use the blocks you have in your inventory to make things. For instance, you could do //set block 32, but if you had 31 blocks, I DONT THINK SO! Correct, you would have the amount of blocks you would place with worldedit. There would be an option to disable "0, a.k.a AIR", because guys please, might aswell give everyone OP.

    Anyway, I know you'll understand, is anyone able to take my brilliant idea of witchcraft and sorcery and bring it to life?
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  2. WorldEdit has this built-in already.

    "use-inventory" in the config.
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  3. There's an option to do this in the WorldEdit config.
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  4. *hugs*

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