Ideal CPU for high end server

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  1. I'm running a Spigot 1.8.8 minecraft prison server with ~100 plugins and over 100-150 players on at peak times.

    What would be the best CPU to handle these specifications without any lag?
    How much ram do you think would be best for this size of a server?

  2. I like to think of the optimization of the plugins used, and how optimized your setup is, and how optimized your jar is.
    Hosting wise, specs don't really impact it (opinion) as I have run a well-optimized set up on a shared host with 50 players on with 45% CPU Usage, which is pretty good for a 6 GB shared hosting.

    Assuming you'd be making some pretty good money with a prison server with 100-150 players on peak times, i'd refer you over to
    OVH (Game32 - 64 or one of the infras)
    Ideally get a i7 6700k or a i7 7700k 32-64 GB.

    You've gotta make sure your custom plugins don't have memory leaks, you aren't usinig any leaked plugins, and make sure your dedi or host is setup well.

    Hope this helps :D
  3. I agree with FoundYourFlow for the most part tbh

    I have friends who use OVH and SoYouStart, and they're pretty satisfied, but I've heard some negative things about Reliable.

    Side note, what's your server's IP?
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  4. What's up with RS? Solid provider from the most part
  5. Eh, just a couple things about billing involving a unique situation. Shouldn't affect the average customer, and overall I do like their site.
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  6. Probably wouldn't go around recommending against them then
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  7. Well, you could make a case that their support isn't able to handle unique situations, but you have a point.
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  8. Yup I have the same predicament with ReliableSite, apparently my payment was flagged as "suspicious" as I didn't have the same info on my RS account as my bank info. So they decided to wipe my dedi with my 2 weeks of progress and pretty much said... "fuck you"
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  9. Surprised they'd terminate instead of suspend while sorting the issue, and also that it took 2 weeks for them to flag you for fraud when it's automated? Did they open a ticket with you that you accidentally ignored for 2 weeks or something?
  10. That's wild, I've never heard of a provider doing something like this after provisioning in my 9 years of having services from providers on WHT/LET/here. Getting an order marked as fraud/requesting ID and address verification is pretty common especially for dedi's but I've never heard of this happening weeks after a server was provisioned.
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