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Discussion in 'Programming' started by glatteis, May 30, 2016.

  1. I've gotten a bit into dynamic web development and I wanted to ask if you have any ideas for a creative dynamic website or social platform!
  2. What do you mean by dynamic web development?
  3. Something like Spigot is dynamic, which means it generates the website dependending on what you are looking at.
  4. What's your skill level in PHP and/or Javascript?
  5. I am ok in Javascript, I don't use PHP though. I use Ruby for that.
  6. Well if you're familiar enough on the server side of things, I suggest building an application for servers that do not have a website. That's something I don't see often when looking at other networks (even big ones). Build a website that is basically a CMS for minecraft networks that is user friendly and works in tangent of the game.
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  7. I know it's quite a challenging task, but you could also try building a very, very basic board software.
    Or an imageboard software by using only a few files.
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  9. Either you think I don't know the difference between a framework and a language or you think Ruby is for beginners. Either way, well played