Ideas for EULA compliant donor perks?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ComputerGuy365, May 15, 2016.

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  1. This is for a prison server. I need more ideas for EULA compliant perks. Things I already have:
    - Pets
    - Disguises
    - Particles
    - Trails
    - Extra plots
    - ChatColor
    - Tags
    - /ptime

    What are some other good prison server ideas which comply with the EULA?
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  2. Tags? Prefix? Suffix?
  3. Fancy chat coloring
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  4. Its cosmetic :p
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  5. forgot to mention I already have that
  6. Cosmetics and asthetics are alike, they're EULA-compliant.
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  7. If you sell cells or plots maybe add a trim or something to make them fancier? Like make the walls a bit fancier as a perk
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  8. Dacon


    /ptime and extra plots aren't allowed :(

    For a Prison server a global sell multiplier/booster might be good
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  9. What is the reasoning for /ptime being disallowed?
  10. Mr Brandon doesn't want it. No explanation is provided.

    Also, OP: generally cosmetics are good, if you have a strong playerbase and you do it like hypixel: don't give them all at once (PS: shameless self advertising)
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  11. Relinquished


    /ptime let's you see easier. Yeah. Ridiculous I know. But it's whatever..
  12. Do you know how much people love pets? It is crazy, even before we were EULA complaint, most of my donators donate for the pets.
  13. 3d model skins. Have a resource pack then sell the 3d model texture on buycraft.
  14. Are you allowed to do that? I think mojang had something against selling texture packs.
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  15. JamesJ


    Not allowed.
  16. Why not? /ptime sets the time that's visible to the player that performed the command.
  17. Relinquished


    It allows you to see "easier"
  18. Plus what about turning your gamma up :/
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