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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have two plugins: OmegaVision & OmegaDeath and i'm starting to run out of ideas for future updates and since I don't get any messages or reviews, I thought i'd make a post and seek some ideas that people in the community might have that I could look at implementing into my plugins.

    Keep in mind these are both free plugins an i'm wanting to keep them that way. Any suggestions or idea's on how to improve these plugins would be most appreciated.

  2. For the death plugin you could save the player's inventory to a database on death so it can be restored or spawn a "corpse".
  3. There is already the Keep Inventory feature that saves the inventory and restores it if they have the omegadeath.keepinventory permission.

    I could implement some type of corpse that spawns on the players location when they die.
  4. If you don't have any ideas: don't add anything to it. Don't fix what's not broken. Ideas will come over time - and if they don't, that's okay too.
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  5. Yeah I agree.
    Keep plugins up-to date, and when something comes to mind, act on it.

    I also get the feeling your maybe a little quick to give up:
    You released these plugins very late in 2019, and they've only been around for a month or two. Plugins take time to grow and be used more, or get reviewed. You could leave a plugin untouched for 3-5 months, and suddenly discover something new or cool to add, and it'll get more downloads etc.

    Its early days.
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  6. Replacing config file and commands with a nice gui is always a cool feature to add :)